Our Ambassadors

Maverick Apparel Co. is proudly partnered with these ambassadors:

We are pretty lucky to be connected with some pretty rad people...people who embody our culture and the Maverick lifestyle. These are our brand ambassadors...or as we like to call them, Mavericks!


Supa Dave
Maverick Brand Ambassador

Supa Dave, an on air personality & host of "Native Noise" on 101.1 WJRR The Rock Station, serves as one of our Brand Ambassadors. For the past 11 years, Supa Dave has hosted "Native Noise", one of the only shows on radio in the state of Florida to feature an entire program dedicated to promoting local bands and music. His passion for supporting independent, up & coming local music totally aligns with our mission... making Supa the ultimate Badass!

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Tom Huestis
Maverick Brand Ambassador

Tom Huestis is the former lead vocalist for SoulSwitch, the hard rock band out of Orlando, Florida.  He left to pursue a career in the art of tattooing.  You can find his artwork on Instagram at @tomhuestisart.  Also look out for him with future musical projects. 

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Stephanie Rybarczyk
Maverick Brand Ambassador

Stephanie has been very involved in the local music scene, acting as an ambassador for organizations like OA Radio and Gold Star Rocks Magazine, as well as an active band promoter and booking rep. Stephanie is very active in growing support for many of the independent bands in Florida, starting as a manager for a few bands and then expanding into promotions. She attends many of the concerts in the Florida to support the many bands who play within the local music scene. 

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