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mav·er·ick (noun or adjective)
1. an unorthodox or independent-minded person
2. a person who thinks & acts of and differently from others
3. someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action
4. to be independent in behavior or thought

Based in sunny Central Florida, home to some of the best bands in the music scene, Maverick Apparel Co. provides premium Lifestyle apparel and accessories. Maverick is a lifestyle brand...whether you’re onstage, backstage or in the crowd, we’ve got you covered!

We feel that there is a Maverick in each and every one of us...like it's definition states, a Maverick is an independent individual who does not go along with a group or crowd. They are leaders, not followers, who forge their own paths in life. 

We believe in supporting & promoting independent & local music. In an era where we now have access & can stream pretty much any song by any band instantly at our fingertips, it has become even harder for bands to make a serious living unless they are signed to a major record label. We believe there are things that we can all do to support independent and up & coming musicians:

1. Go to Shows! Your attendance at a band's show makes a difference...bring a friend!

2. Buy Merch! Buy the shirt. Wear the shirt. Buy the music from the band. Buy other people the music. Do everything as directly as possible. Buy from the band or the band’s website or at one of their shows. Your purchase makes a difference!

3. Buy Their Music...Actually pay for it rather than accessing it for free when you can.

4. Support the Band - whether on social media or word of mouth, get the word out about the bands. Help them grow their fan-base and gain exposure.


Fueled by passion...fueled by whatever inspires you - that’s the Maverick lifestyle!