MVK Music Group Names New Addition to Their Staff

MVK Music Group Names New Addition to Their Staff

Recently MVK Music Group made a new addition to it's staff, providing both a larger footprint and additional experience to its growing organization. With the addition of Attila Czako as Director of Artist Relations (Orlando, FL) to MVK, Co-Owners & Founders Brian Paul & Jesse Florentine were elated to add Czako to their Team. 

In his role as Director of Management & Development, Aaron will work closely with some of MVK’s bands in a management role, helping to work on behalf of bands & artists to promote their careers and run their business affairs, while also helping the company to streamline management processes. In addition, he will oversee development & marketing strategies for MVK. Attila assumes the role of Director of Artists Relations, responsible for developing and maintaining relationships between MVK and the artists/bands while seeking out new talent as well. He will act as the liaison between MVK and its artists/bands.

MVK Co-owner & Founder Brian Paul stated, "I feel that, in addition to his experience, Attila brings a fresh approach that is in alignment with our culture and viewpoints in the music business industry. Both Jesse and I knew that bringing in the right talent, the right people was key to continuing our momentum and growth in the industry. I am excited to have Attila on the Team and excited to start getting to work".

Jesse Florentine, Co-Owner & Founder, added, "Attila was a smart and frankly easy decision. Attila is one of the hardest working and loyal guys I know and he has an amazing knowledge of music and a great ear for talent. I am looking forward to working towards a brighter future with Attila on our team."


We interviewed Attila regarding his new role with MVK ---

Attila Czako, Director of Artist Relations:


MAVERICK: First off, congratulations on your new role with MVK Music Group! What are you most excited about as you join the MVK team?
ATTILA: Thank you! I am definitely excited about this opportunity and truly thankful that Brian & Jesse have entrusted me with this new role. I have a deep passion for music and having the ability to make a positive impact on the industry is very exciting to me.
MAVERICK: What do you hope to contribute and accomplish in your role with MVK Music Group?
ATTILA: Well, I hope that I can help ensure that all of our bands are happy and provided our utmost and undivided attention at all times. I am looking to help continue the great momentum that Brian & Jesse already have going with MVK and make MVK a trusted and well known name in the industry. I also plan to help look for new talent (artists) for our company as we continue to grow.
MAVERICK: What are some of your goals for 2020 as they relate to your role?
ATTILA: My first order of business is to start working with our current get to know them, their goals and expectations and determine the best plan of action to start tackling these in phases. I believe that 2020 is going to be a great year for MVK.
MAVERICK: How would you describe your approach to working with bands & artists? 
ATTILA: In the beginning, which is a key period, whether it is about a band or solo artist, I always search for the individual. I want to take time to have a personal and direct relationship with the artist. I want to see who they are off the stage, as well. It definitely helps grasp the "big picture' they see, the music career they envision for themselves. Building out that unique relationship beforehand can contribute to a greater mutual success in the future.
MAVERICK: What are your thoughts about the current state of the music industry (business side)?
ATTILA: The music industry as a whole or the artist in the music industry (laugh)? One of the "big three", Warner Music Group,  just reported a solid first-quarter growth in 2020... Of course, physical sales declined and streaming and digital purchases rule. As the big majority of professional musicians are not signed by a label, these technological advancements can allow them to share their stuff to a wider audience all over the world. They also have more creative control. However shamefully, it doesn't show in their earnings at all. Without sounding overly idealistic and stupid, I totally believe that it can be changed for the better, and I believe that we (MVK) can help in turning the tide.
MAVERICK: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 
ATTILA: Music is my passion, so I love to do anything music related. I read a lot of (music) biographies and history books and I try to attend as many live concerts and shows as I can. I always value my time spent with great friends. Other than my family, they have utmost importance in my life.
MAVERICK: What would you say sets MVK apart from other artist / talent management companies?
ATTILA: Our approach...we believe in not following the mainstream crowd. We believe in transparency. We want to be trailblazers, to be forward thinking and make larger strides to make an impact in the industry. I think if we can disrupt the current system, and start doing bigger things in the best interest of our bands and the music industry as a whole, then we are doing it right. 
MVK Music Group will begin to announce their roster of managed bands over the course of the next few weeks. The company, a full service artist / band management company, offers the following services:
* Band / Artist Management
* Booking
* Artist Development
* Promotions
* Show / Festival / Event Production
* Recording
* Band Merchandise Design & Production
MVK Music Group website ( is currently under design & development. You can also find them on social media platforms:


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