MVK Music Group Looks to Launch Label & Media Sides

MVK Music Group Looks to Launch Label & Media Sides

Maverick Apparel Co.'s sister company MVK Music Group had previously mentioned plans to launch their own record label under the MVK umbrella, but recently we learned of their plans for additional expansion of the music business division of the company. As MVK has continued to establish itself in the music industry and build a reputation of being what they call "anti-mainstream" due to their focus on putting the artists first, they also have been looking at ways to expand their footprint in the industry, which includes connecting with music fans as well. MVK Music Group focuses on Artist Management, Artists Development services, Booking Services, Recording Services, Promotions & Marketing, Merch Design & Production, Event Production and more. We spoke with MVK Music Group's leadership staff to get more insight into these plans.

MVK Music Group Co-Owner & Founder Brian Paul stated that "Our focus up to this point has been on ensuring that we launched MVK the right way...that we signed some of the top talent [in terms of management] across the country, that we created a platform for offering the right mix of development & other services that any outside artist or band would need and getting the MVK website done and ready for launch". He went on to add that "But we also have been strategizing opportunities for continued growth of the brand and company beyond tapping into Maverick, part of which has been looking at the MVK Records Label as well as an Entertainment Music Media division". 

He elaborated that this media division, being called MVK Music Media, will be a platform to connect MVK with the fans, and would include a wide range of music entertainment multimedia for fans to consume. "Our plans for the MVK media aspect is to bring the music world to the fans in ways that they can consume & enjoy it". This would include more behind the scenes content, documentaries, interviews, video content, articles, photography, a digital magazine and a podcast that the Team plans to launch very soon.

MVK Music Group, Co-Owner Jesse Florentine added "While the focus of MVK is very artist facing, we wanted to provide a way to continue to include fans, to bridge the gap between artists and fans in multiple ways that people can enjoy. We firmly believe that the MVK Music Media division of MVK will help to do that in a big way".

MVK's Director of Artist Relations, Attila Czako, has been tasked with strategizing and building out the framework for MVK's label, something he is passionate about. "We want to provide not only our artists, but other independent artists as well, with an option for having their music available to the wider masses. There are so many talented artists and bands out there that still have not been discovered by the's a shame really. Our focus with the label, as it is with MVK Music Group in general, is to put the artists first, to make sure that their best interests are taken to heart."

MVK Music Group's new website will be launching soon and the group will then shift their focus on building out the Media division site from there, which will tie back into MVK's main site. Stay tuned for more details on both MVK's upcoming new label and their MVK Music Media division on the MVK Music Group & Maverick Apparel Co. Facebook pages.

MVK Music Group is a full service artist management company offering the following services:

  • Artist Management
  • Artist Development
  • Booking Services
  • Recording Services
  • Event Production
  • Promotions & Marketing
  • Merch Design & Production
  • And more



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