MVK Music Group Announces More Managed Artists

MVK Music Group Announces More Managed Artists

Recently MVK Music Group announced two new artists / bands under their management: Chout (Joliet, IL) & 7 Stone Riot (Birmingham, AL). Today, MVK announced three more artists they have just signed to their management roster. As part of their commitment to being a diversified music management company, whose focus is to provide up & coming artists from different genres and music styles with a platform to take their talents to the next level, MVK Music Group proved that with their newest additions Cody Weaver (Fort Myers, FL), THE DEV (Orlando, FL), & Isabella Snow (Chicago, IL).

We asked MVK Music Group (and Maverick Apparel Co.) co-owner & founder Brian Paul about the newest signings, "On our Maverick Apparel Co. [music themed apparel] side, we kind of became known as a rock apparel company...that was not done by design, we just found that a lot of rock & metal bands and fans were drawn to us. Our goal has always been to help promote musicians from various genres outside of the mainstream ones that get most of the attention [referring to pop & hip hop]. With MVK Music Group, our focus is no different...we want to find the best talent from all types of music styles to work with, through our management & development, to help get them to the next level of their music careers". He also added, "The 3 of our newest additions add variety to our roster of managed music, alternative rock and alternative with a somewhat folksy style to it. We are starting to get a lot of requests for our management services, but our goal for the time being, is to keep our managed artist roster to a manageable size in order for us to provide all of our signed artists with our undivided attention so we can effectively manage them without being stretched too thin. We will continue to add more bands, and maintain diversity in the artists that we work with, but also when it makes sense for us to do so."

MVK Music Group co-owner & founder, Jesse Florentine added "Frankly, I am excited to see these new signings and the diversity that they bring to MVK Music Group. One of the main reasons we have selected to work with all six of the artists/bands on our roster is that they understand that they have to put in the work and hustle to get to where they want to be, and they all have reasonable expectations for that. For us, it is important to work with artists who have the drive and passion for what they do, and understand that success doesn't happen takes a concerted team effort. Brian and the rest of our staff and I are excited to take this journey with our MVK artists,"

About MVK Music Group's Newest Roster Additions

Cody Weaver (Fort Myers, FL)

Cody Weaver and his band are based out of Fort Myers, FL on Florida's west coast. Cody brings a traditional country music style (no bubble gum pop country) to the MVK roster. Cody cites his style as being rooted in blues, bluegrass, traditional country, and rock n’ roll. His largest musical influences are Dierks Bentley, Vince Gill, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Dan Tyminski. With the addition of new band members who came from other bands, Cody hopes to incorporate some rock & even elements of metal music into the band's new music. Cody's latest release, "Burn", was recently number 1 on KB Country Radio in Canada and it's currently at almost 10k streams on Spotify. In addition to lead singer Cody Weaver, the band is comprised of Jarrad Morrissey on lead guitar, Lucas Cardoso on bass, Nahuel (pronounced Noel) Gauna on drums, Joe Fernandez on guitar & Britney Weaver on backup vocals.

As a child, Cody found himself watching a pay-per-view special honoring Stevie Ray Vaughan, and was immediately enraptured. The very next day his father drove him to a local pawn shop where Cody spent all of his birthday money on an $80 acoustic guitar. Cody was Immediately hooked. He played that guitar every single day following that birthday pawn shop trip. After playing guitar and doing some backup vocals for local bands and church worship teams, it wasn’t until Cody was about 18 that he enjoyed solo singing and songwriting. “I started writing after my parents divorced in 2007,” says Weaver, “... and discovered a perfect outlet for pain, love, and any of life’s twists and turns.”

In 2018, Cody released his single "Heavy Load". The hit single was written after his short yet impactful stint as a firefighter/EMT. Cody explains the particular incident that had such an affect on him:

“I was met with an off duty incident where a young girl and her boyfriend were both killed in a horrible car crash right in front of me. I was first on scene and immediately went to work in a futile attempt to save the young girl, as she was still alive when I got to her. She died in my arms while I held her airway open by myself, waiting for EMS (Emergency Medical Services) to arrive.”

Having felt that he had done everything within his power however, Cody says he “was quickly overcome with guilt, heartbreak and emotions [he] could not fight or explain.” Ultimately, this incident lead Cody to make the choice to step away from public service. He was later diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Cody admits that the overwhelming feelings of embarrassment, as well as his feeling of failure as a public servant kept his diagnosis from happening for a long time following that night. His inner turmoil and inability to express his emotions following this event was a secret he wasn’t ready or willing to share with anyone. The mental struggle affected all aspects of his life. Cody says, “I lost almost all motivation to continue".

Heavy Load was thought of in a moment of reflection, driving alone to find some fresh air. Eventually, when the lyrics wouldn’t leave him alone, Cody put it to music while sitting in a hotel room in Somerset, Kentucky. The song vaguely touches on the mental wrestling match that PTSD causes and the toll it can take on relationships of any and all capacities.

It’s been a journey for Cody Weaver to get to this place of acceptance and healing, “ music, meditation, therapy and prayer”. Cody decided to dedicate this song and all of the monetary proceeds from it to support other first responders struggling with mental health issues that are related to the job. All pro
ceeds from Heavy Load were donated to The Code Green Campaign.

Cody Weaver's Website
Cody Weaver on Facebook


THE DEV (Orlando, FL)

THE DEV is a female fronted alternative rock band from Central Florida. The band, one of Maverick Apparel Co.'s endorsed artists, puts a focus on creating a fan experience, not only through their music but also through their onstage performances. Their hope is to draw fans in so they forget about their every day stresses of day to day life and enjoy themselves in the moment. THE DEV states that their band name means "Desired Evolutionary Vision", but they also like to leave it up to fans to derive their own meaning of their name.

The band is comprised of lead vocalist Nikollaj Leshi, guitarists Ryan Danley & Barrett Jones, bassist John Panaccione & drummer Chris Caruso. The Dev released their first hit single "Broken Lies" last year (2019), and have a new single & video for "Queen of the Damned" coming out in a few weeks. THE DEV showcases a bright new spirit in rock music in rising star, front woman Nikollaj and industry veterans who've toured with such acts as Heart, Alice Cooper, WARPED TOUR, endorsements, film/movie placements, radio, festivals, and have shared the stage with such nationals as Mastadon, Avenged Sevenfold, Nothing More, Rise Against, Five Finger Death Punch, Islander, Candlebox, Gojira, Atreyu, Hollywood Undead, Killswitch Engage,Nonpoint, Slash, Tremonti, Gemini Syndrome, Crobot, Puddle of Mudd, Flyleaf, All That Remains, Avatar, & Buckcherry. With no shortage of experience, THE DEV has a level of professionalism and showcasing unlike other fledgling projects.

THE DEV on Facebook


Isabella Snow (Chicago, IL)


Isabella Snow is a solo folk rock / alternative singer/songwriter based out of Chicago, IL. In addition to playing solo, Isabella has a band as well. With original music, Isabella plays guitar and ukulele and likes to incorporate her theatrical & artistic side into her music and onstage performances. She notes her musical style as influenced by 60's/70's rock and 90's alternative such as Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, Lorde, Lady Gaga, Alanis Morissette, Liz Phair, Paramore, No Doubt, Missy Higgins, Aslyn, Fiona Apple, Alabama Shakes, Katy Perry, Sheryl Crow, & Halsey.

Isabella released her debut EP "Mystic" back in August (2019) and has been self promoting with mostly solo shows and a few with a backing band. With a BFA in Musical Theatre and minors in Jazz Studies and Makeup/Costume design, she enjoys having a theatrical sensibility to her shows / performances. She builds her own show looks and often tells stories to her audience between songs.  Audience (and human) connection is huge for Isabella.  Music is a very accessible artistic platform, and she wants each audience member to know that they aren't alone in their experiences while adding a little pomp and circumstance.  This past summer, Isabella was in a regional vocal competition called BIG BREAK, where she had weekly themed challenges.

Isabella Snow on Facebook


MVK Music Group is a full service artist/band management company based in Orlando, FL. MVK offers the following services:

* Band / Artist Management
* Booking
* Artist Development
* Promotions
* Show / Festival / Event Production
* Recording
* Band Merchandise Design & Production


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