Maverick & MVK Music Group Announce Plans for Music Festival

Maverick & MVK Music Group Announce Plans for Music Festival

Maverick & MVK Music Group announced Wednesday that they are planning a multi-day music festival in the Central Florida area for some time next year. Leadership at Maverick/ MVK Music Group did not disclose the potential location of the festival and stated that dates have not been announced, as of yet, but that it would most likely be during the fall months.

When asked about possible lineup & headliners, Maverick & MVK co-owner Brian Paul stated, “We are still a ways out from finalizing any sort of lineup, and we won’t be announcing any of the lineup until everything is in order and we are ready to do so. One thing I will say is that a majority of the bands we endorse under our Maverick brand will be given the opportunity to perform...the major national headliners are still being determined and will be secured once we have narrowed them down.” He & Maverick Co-owner Jesse Florentine also added that there are a lot of other logistics being ironed out at the moment (food & beverage, merchandising, parking, security, ticketing, etc). In addition, they added that they plan to do a lot of marketing around the event and are currently working on some partnerships with a few potential national sponsors as well.

Florentine stated that, "Part of our plan, when we launched the MVK Music Group side of our business, was to start organizing more concerts, events & festivals. We knew from the get-go that the festival was something we wanted to do, but also that we wanted to make sure that all of our "I"s were dotted, and "T"s were crossed. There is a lot that goes into planning these things behind the scenes, and Brian and I want to make sure that it is done right". 

For those new to the Maverick & MVK world, the duo's Maverick Apparel Co. side of the business focuses on premium apparel, accessories and music gear catering to the music lifestyle while also endorsing up & coming bands and promoting those bands and the music scene. Their MVK Music Group division is more focused on the business side of the music industry, with more of a focus on Band Management, Booking, Shows & Festivals, Artist Development, Recording & more.

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