Maverick Apparel Co. Adds First International Band to its Roster

Maverick Apparel Co. Adds First International Band to its Roster

In case you missed it, Maverick Apparel Co. recently announced that they had added Feral Sun, a hard rock band based in London, UK (by way of South Africa where the band originated), to its roster of endorsed bands. Feral Sun is Maverick's first internationally endorsed band. Maverick Apparel recently interviewed Mick Burns, front man of Feral Sun (see interview below). 

Both Maverick Apparel Co. owners Brian Paul & Jesse Florentine had nothing but positive things to say about Feral Sun and the new endorsement of the band. "Most of our focus has been on U.S. based bands, which is naturally obvious since we are based in the U.S. We have known we wanted to expand globally, so when the opportunity came around to work with Feral Sun, and having heard their was a no brainer for us". Paul said. Florentine added, "We are super pumped to have Feral Sun in our roster...these guys are super talented and have shared the stage with some big musical acts. They were definitely a natural fit for us, and we couldn't be more excited". Paul & Florentine both made mention of potentially bringing Feral Sun over to the states for an upcoming Music Festival they are planning as well.

Interview with Mick Burns of Feral Sun:

MAVERICK: How did Feral Sun come about, how did the band form / How did you guys meet?

MB (Feral Sun): Feral Sun originates and was born in Pretoria, South Africa.

After quickly creating a buzz and winning a Demo Recording Deal, the band then decided to pursue our dream of bringing our music to the masses, by moving to London, United Kingdom.

From that point, Feral Sun had a few members come and go over the years due to various reasons, yet each one of them helping Feral Sun grow to the point where we were touring the UK, Supporting Ragga Metal Giants SKINDRED, sharing a stage with Puddle of Mudd and Prime Circle and securing prime slots at festivals and venues in London and many parts of the UK all after releasing our debut album “Evacuate” that got raving reviews and played on many stations around the world.

After the departure of our Bassist and Lead Guitarist, we knew it was going to be hard to replace them but, stayed focused as we had a bunch of tracks that we felt the world just needed to hear.

After many auditions and by some sort of fate, we found our new line up and Feral Sun was complete once again.  

MAVERICK: How would you describe the rock music scene in the UK?

MB (Feral Sun): It’s a strange scene sometimes and yet it can be awesome all at once.

London compared to the rest of the UK in a sense has to be treated differently as there is so much on offer and various scenes all fighting for its own place.

Rock music in General in our experience is bigger in other parts of the UK, especially in Wales, Scotland and Parts of the Midlands but if you get the right slots, you could experience like we did, some of the best shows we’ve ever played.

With our sound leaning more towards the US style Rock, it will be interesting to see the response over there!

MAVERICK: How did you (Mick) get into music and singing?

MB (Feral Sun): Up until I was 16, I would love to sing everything from Queen to Nirvana but, never had a musical instrument in my house.

It was not until my dream of being a Football (Soccer) player came crashing down and by some chance, bumping into a friend who happened to have started playing guitar 6 months back that I took interest in wanting to play the guitar.

He showed me a few beginner pointers and from there I self-taught myself by learning every song I could play by learning as many cover songs as possible.

It was also around this time I sadly lost a Dear Friend and decided to write her a song and dedicate it to her at her funeral.

That song was the start of my career as a songwriter and along with the love of all things Grunge and Rock I started a band.

MAVERICK: How did you come across Maverick Apparel Co.? What does working with a company that focuses on music and promoting bands mean for you guys?

MB (Feral Sun): I (Mick) came across Maverick Apparel Co. a few times as I have followed the guys from SoulSwitch for a long while and have seen the name or the merch being worn on a few occasions.

It really means a lot to us to be Endorsed and promoted by Maverick Apparel Co. who not only seem to be doing a great job with their current roster but seem to be working on their vision of taking it to the next level, all backed with the love for all things Rock/Metal.

MAVERICK: How would you describe your band’s style of rock music? Who are your influences?

MB (Feral Sun): We think Rock/Heavy Rock with an element of metal probably best describes our music.

We love to mix it up by not only playing the heavy bad ass riffs but, also adding in beautiful parts that mix elegantly making your skin tingle, then dropping back to the heavy and making you want to jump on stage and open up the moshpit.

Our Influences to name but a few: Seether, Alter Bridge, Sevendust, Breaking Benjamin, & Stone Sour.

MAVERICK: Any interesting or crazy stories of anything that’s happened to you guys during a show or tour?

MB (Feral Sun): There are probably a few we could mention but, will never forget getting on the road to the first show of the Skindred tour, getting to the venue in good time, Setting everything up ready to get on stage to a sold out show with hearts beating a hundred miles an hour, then being rushed on stage having to go through the crowd climbing over the stage barrier as the stage entrance was full of gear and then all nerves settle as we get a great response from the crowd after our first song. It’s moments like those that make you feel alive \m/

MAVERICK: What are you most looking forward to in partnering up with Maverick Apparel Co?

MB (Feral Sun): We love to work with bands, Management, Agents, companies like Maverick Apparel that you not only see doing great things but, get a feeling of their honest love for what they do and through pursuing their goals, help band’s like us achieve our goals and dreams.

They have a great roster of bands and affiliated bands and the thought of meeting them all one day, along with the possibility of playing in the USA brings a huge smile to our faces.

MAVERICK: What can fans do to help rock music & bands like Feral Sun continue to grow?

MB (Feral Sun): Get out there, go to shows, tell your friends about the band that blew your mind, help them by sharing their social media, and buy the music!


You can find Feral Sun's Music on all streaming music platforms. You can also find & follow them on social media:

Feral Sun on Facebook
Feral Sun on Instagram
Feral Sun Website

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