Maverick Announces Launch of MVK Music Group

Maverick Announces Launch of MVK Music Group

Maverick Apparel Co. announced the launch of their MVK Music Group division on Monday afternoon. The MVK Music Group has been in the works for quite some time as the Maverick Apparel Co. ownership team had been building out their network and working to grow the Maverick brand overall. MVK Music Group offers musicians many services needed to help gain traction in the industry. These services include:

  • Band / Artist Management
  • Booking
  • Shows / Festivals / Events
  • Promotions & Marketing
  • Artist Development
  • Recording
  • Band Merch Design & Production

MVK Music Group caters to bands & artists from all genres of music with the main Maverick brand mission in mind: To help grow awareness of up & coming bands while providing these artists with a platform to build their fan base and promote their music.

Maverick co-owners Brian Paul & Jesse Florentine were very excited to launch their new MVK Music Group. When asked what influenced them to create this side of the business, Florentine stated, "We knew from the get-go that we did not just want to sell was about building a brand. Maverick Apparel has been a fantastic way for us to do so and we have been gaining great exposure over the last few months. MVK Music Group is something Brian and I have been discussing for a while now". Paul added, "We are very lucky to have the connections in the music industry that we have...with friends in the recording studio & artist development side of the business and our knowledge of marketing & branding, apparel design, and developing shows, it just made perfect sense to us. It has been our goal to provide up & coming bands & musicians with a platform to take their stuff to the next level....we couldn't be more excited."

Maverick Apparel Co. which endorses various bands across the US, will continue to use that side of the business to continue to grow brand awareness for both Maverick & MVK. When asked about bands they are working with under the MVK Music Group umbrella, Paul said, "We have not added any bands as of yet. Any bands or artists that we do add under the MVK Music Group side of the business will be announced when we are ready to do so. There are a lot of logistics and contractual stuff that needs to be worked out between us and any bands before we can and will make any announcements". 

MVK Music Group will be launching a separate website in the near future, but did announce their new social media pages which are up and running. Florentine stated, "We recommend liking & following our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram) to stay current on upcoming announcements, website launch and other stuff. We have some very exciting stuff in the works for MVK Music Group."

MVK Music Group Social Media Pages can be found via the links below:

MVK Music Group Facebook Page
MVK Music Group Instagram Page


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