Chout Completes First Brief Southeast Tour

Chout Completes First Brief Southeast Tour

Earlier this month, Chicago based Hard Rock band Chout made their first brief tour run in the Southeast, stopping to play shows in Nashville, TN & Orlando, FL. For their first stop, the band played a show at The Cobra in Nashville, TN, sharing the stage with True Villains & Saint Dorian. Two days later, the band was in sunny Orlando, FL for their show at The Haven Lounge in Winter Park, FL just outside of Orlando, sharing the stage with bands SoulSwitch, Days to Come, Kill the Sound & FILTH as part of the Maverick Presents Show.

We spoke with Chout frontman, Brendan Maier about their first tour in the Southeast US:


Maverick: How was your first experience touring/playing in the Southeast?

BM: "I’d say it was our best trip yet as far as the shows being packed, meeting a lot of new friends, and just experiencing the region in general. We had a blast and felt we were well received."

Maverick: Nashville (TN) & Orlando (FL) are fairly different cities (weather, culturally, etc). What was your take-away from the two cities that you guys played in?

BM: "Nashville reminded me of a mini rock and roll Vegas, we parked downtown and walked to Broadway which is the main music street and there were bands performing everywhere (like 2-5) per block as well as a huge music fest happening in the middle of the street. We didn’t get to see as much of Orlando although we definitely enjoyed the warm weather. We pretty much went straight to the venue for our Friday show and spent the whole next day at Universal  Studios doing a bit of vacationing with our friends Brian from Maverick Apparel & Attila who provided us a place to crash while we were there."

Maverick: Did you guys have an opportunity to explore the two cities or do anything fun during your tour in the Southeast?

BM: "Yeah we spent the day in downtown Nashville prior to our 10/9 show. Ended up hitting a music fest on Broadway, having some drinks at Coyote Ugly, and doing an escape room. In Orlando we got to spend the entire day after our Orlando show (10/12) at the Universal Studios amusement park, and doing Halloween Horror Nights (at Universal) that evening".
Maverick: How were the other bands that you guys got to play with in Nashville & Orlando?
BM: "Every band we played with in both Nashville and Orlando was fantastic and I recommend checking them all out...True Villains, Saint Dorian, SoulSwitch, FILTH, Kill The Sound, and Days to Come".
Maverick: Any plans for future tours back in the Southeast or other parts of the U.S.?
BM: "We are hoping to return Southeast in late January for a more wide spread tour. Still working on getting everything booked. We also have our eye on the PNW (Pacific Northwest) area...our goal is to get some shows up around Seattle / Vancouver next spring or early summer."
For updates on upcoming Chout shows & tours, please check out the band's website ( & their social media pages as well as Maverick's social media pages.

Photo Credit: Kendall Telep
Featured Photo Credit: Alec Austin Bourke

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